Welcome to my little corner of the world Dreaming in Green: Where Art and Herbalism intersect

Some of you I know from my many years in the world of Holistic Health and Herbalism, some from Zoe’s world (music and parenting) and some more recent friends from the Art world. I am feeling ready to connect the dots and start creating an interconnected, unified body of work, a space which accurately reflects my wholness. I am an community herbalist, a multidisciplinary artist, a magic maker, and idea person, inspired by the beauty of the natural world.

What I’ll be sharing here: They’ll be recipes and remedies, dreams and ideas, thoughts and questions, photos and artwork, art talk and plant talk, tips and trade secrets, successes and failures, obsurdities and fun facts (those who know know!) and book talk, they’ll be quirk and likely some irreverence because that is how I roll. I am craving a place I can be whole and where I can unify all the parts of me; the teacher, the artist, the adventurer, the colour lover, the student, the visionary, the herbalist, the coffee snob, the mother, the rebel, the plant lover, the country dweller, the flower obsessed, and the city lover. There are common threads between all my worlds and hope to share those threads and embroider something of beauty and relevance.

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